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I never really understood the real meaning of Christmas until the last moment. For Christmas eve, I tried everything to really feel the holiday cheers, nothing worked this year for me. All I felt was the commercial feel of the holiday.

It felt so nice and amazing and I am so glad Nina and her kids spent a little bit of their morning chatting to us, her kids are so darling. They always keep me and my brother smiling and going on :)

Serendipity really played a really big role today, when my aunt called my uncle to come over to my dad's house to celebrate Christmas / her birthday. Uncle Ben invited us to join them on my "aunt's day" we decided to join, you know the more the merrier. We ended up going to the lake on Christmas and spending time enjoying each other company. It was mainly all laughter and a good dose of memories. He invited us all to watch a movie later in the evening with Sandy and her brother. It was so nice seeing each other and always getting along with each other. I really miss that feeling, since lately it has just been arguments, complications, and a fuss when dealing with the family when dealing with the whole get together. We went to the first viewing of Sherlock Homes, which was just as amazing as I thought it would be minus the excessive amount of time into "setting the mood." We spent over a good half hour reminiscing and catching up on each other's lives. Hands down, most memorable Christmas and the best sugar cookies I have ever eaten. I am so glad that these things happened, it was so last minute and unpredictable. Who would ever think these unlikely events would happen all of a sudden would happen in one day, and on Christmas, to top it off?

Later off in the night, my mom and my brother ichatted with the family in California, everyone was so happy, it makes me so happy to be in a part of it all. It took me the entire Christmas day to really enjoy it. I am soo happy for everyone who took the time to really make my Christmas really happen, I think most of all, I thank my dad for making it all happen, but sadly enough, I do not think we can really be a really close family anymore since he has a child now.. I wished I captured the whole image, but there were so many all huddled into the mac saying all their wonderful merry Christmas (to words of James Dale's Christmas Song really came alive today)
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