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Happy Lunar New year & Happy love day *smiles.

I know this is something very biased to say, I have a feeling that this year will be absolutely amazing due to the fact that a few days ago I drew a cookie basket to be created (I even wrote out a map explaining the play on color and the art). I was so happy how the basket turned out, it was absolutely amazing. I think it is amazing how you can translate art from paper into a glorious cookie. Even so, I found my favorite best kept secret while promoting a small local shoppe.


Yesterday, I had so much good luck came into my hands. I know this is the most irresponsible thing I have ever done (lost my cell phone), this wonderful soul found my cell and tried to contact my numerous friends to get in touch with me. She handled my phone with care. I returned my gratitude with cookies. She told me she was doing what she hoped that other people would do for her. I love her soul. It is so nice to hear a heart who had exactly the same idea in their mind. For the longest time, I was sadden by the world since there is not enough worldly gestures in this life. To know I found another person who would do the same thing like me is the most beautiful experience I had came across.


So, for all those people who think they have nothing else in their life, you actually have everything in this world.

Take care ;)
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