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Oh sweet, sweet, Earth Day♥. [22 Apr 2010|11:13pm]
One of the best feelings is doing something you do everyday, and knowing, just for one day, some people are doing the exact same thing to celebrate earth day :)

happy earth day.
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This is Such a Beautiful Video. [11 Apr 2010|08:05pm]

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.
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[05 Apr 2010|10:01pm]
How come every year I never know what I want for my birthday?
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Shopping Post [04 Mar 2010|08:57am]
I love this! eccentric yet tasteful.


the only problem that it only comes in Large, only..

Friday, watching Alice, I am going to dress up like the queen of hearts, I am so excited :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.
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Happy Lunar New year & Happy love day *smiles. [14 Feb 2010|04:43pm]
I know this is something very biased to say, I have a feeling that this year will be absolutely amazing due to the fact that a few days ago I drew a cookie basket to be created (I even wrote out a map explaining the play on color and the art). I was so happy how the basket turned out, it was absolutely amazing. I think it is amazing how you can translate art from paper into a glorious cookie. Even so, I found my favorite best kept secret while promoting a small local shoppe.


Yesterday, I had so much good luck came into my hands. I know this is the most irresponsible thing I have ever done (lost my cell phone), this wonderful soul found my cell and tried to contact my numerous friends to get in touch with me. She handled my phone with care. I returned my gratitude with cookies. She told me she was doing what she hoped that other people would do for her. I love her soul. It is so nice to hear a heart who had exactly the same idea in their mind. For the longest time, I was sadden by the world since there is not enough worldly gestures in this life. To know I found another person who would do the same thing like me is the most beautiful experience I had came across.


So, for all those people who think they have nothing else in their life, you actually have everything in this world.

Take care ;)
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I love youuu [12 Feb 2010|11:37am]

..I just bought this dress in red and now I am excited for this to come in :)
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Early & Ready. [05 Jan 2010|12:04pm]
For some reason, or lately, I have been seeing things torn apart, sometimes I believe that the world is so morbid and sad, I wished I could see a clearly defined world of happiness, I mean I see it sometimes, but I wished there was more of that in the world.

Emotionally, I have gotten a lot better, ever since this week, I would like, no LOVE, to thank my favorite girls ♥. They are the glue to my existence. Even though we see each other once in a blue moon (3 months or so), life always seems to stop for a day or two as we catch up, for once in my life, although we share sad times together, it always seems that we have more happiness (we tend to laugh at everything all the time).

oatmeal cranberry dark chocolate almond cookies
homemade oatmeal cranberry dark chocolate almond cookies with the girls, with my homemade fresh mint coco *smiles.

The girls seem to have a pet, for the longest time I was waiting until I finished school to have a puppy, lonely old me was thinking of getting a chocolate color bunny, like Coconut, again. I wished he was still here, but my dad let him free in his four acre land. It's really beautiful though, sometimes he would show me some of the baby bunnies he has found. It's so fresh to go to his house, since it takes me away from this city deal into a here and now kind of zone.

As soon as I take my arms out of my family, I have to hold my breath due to the fact, it always seems like life never slows down, instead it goes straight to the fast lane.

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A Promising 2010. [04 Jan 2010|12:45am]
I already got a new cut, and I am hiding out like mad, but since this is the special time for new beginnings, I shall try to change new things about myself, I know last year I really ran away from the world, I have been on a hiatus for almost a year. I recently discovered that I do not even know how to stay friends with people, but from now on, I will try to be closer to my phone, I will try to keep my line of communication clear. For the longest time, I was leaning on my family's shoulders, this year around, I am going to keep my head above water and move forward.

I promise 2010 has a lot in store, and I am ready for it this year, as for my other Resolutions, I will now make time around the gym, stop succumbing into consumerism at it's finest, go to a lot more charity events, and spending time on myself once again.

Cheers to a new future as we close down the doors to 2009. This is so far the most spiritual video as I progress on this road. Good luck, everyone and hope everything falls right into your hands, maybe mister right will fall into place since the lunar new year falls right on valentines day *winks.
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Grateful. [26 Dec 2009|02:06am]
I never really understood the real meaning of Christmas until the last moment. For Christmas eve, I tried everything to really feel the holiday cheers, nothing worked this year for me. All I felt was the commercial feel of the holiday.

It felt so nice and amazing and I am so glad Nina and her kids spent a little bit of their morning chatting to us, her kids are so darling. They always keep me and my brother smiling and going on :)

Serendipity really played a really big role today, when my aunt called my uncle to come over to my dad's house to celebrate Christmas / her birthday. Uncle Ben invited us to join them on my "aunt's day" we decided to join, you know the more the merrier. We ended up going to the lake on Christmas and spending time enjoying each other company. It was mainly all laughter and a good dose of memories. He invited us all to watch a movie later in the evening with Sandy and her brother. It was so nice seeing each other and always getting along with each other. I really miss that feeling, since lately it has just been arguments, complications, and a fuss when dealing with the family when dealing with the whole get together. We went to the first viewing of Sherlock Homes, which was just as amazing as I thought it would be minus the excessive amount of time into "setting the mood." We spent over a good half hour reminiscing and catching up on each other's lives. Hands down, most memorable Christmas and the best sugar cookies I have ever eaten. I am so glad that these things happened, it was so last minute and unpredictable. Who would ever think these unlikely events would happen all of a sudden would happen in one day, and on Christmas, to top it off?

Later off in the night, my mom and my brother ichatted with the family in California, everyone was so happy, it makes me so happy to be in a part of it all. It took me the entire Christmas day to really enjoy it. I am soo happy for everyone who took the time to really make my Christmas really happen, I think most of all, I thank my dad for making it all happen, but sadly enough, I do not think we can really be a really close family anymore since he has a child now.. I wished I captured the whole image, but there were so many all huddled into the mac saying all their wonderful merry Christmas (to words of James Dale's Christmas Song really came alive today)
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Oh, I love you so.. [11 Dec 2009|05:25pm]

..This time I am purchasing this dress before time runs out.
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[10 Nov 2009|10:51pm]
"Be the change you want to see in the world." - Gandhi

Late Night. [30 Sep 2009|01:24am]
I need to do more things for myself.

Kaskade is keeping me focus.

I found this hott little number at Zara, it is not the exact one, but hopefully the fitting to the new dress that I was eyeing fits :)

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Something I thought to Myself.. [17 Sep 2009|09:59am]
"The hardest part is believing in something you've never tried."
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Drained. [16 Sep 2009|01:53am]
[ mood | sleep deprived ]

I saw some old faces when I was back in computer science, I miss everyone. I got slightly jealous of the people in my class with me are graduating this year.

Sometimes I feel like I cannot find my place..

Case of the Thursdays [11 Sep 2009|01:39pm]
Yesterday night, I just could not give my full attention to my school, so I spent most of my night looking at Hello Kitty, everything

..now I am in love with this necklace

I am soo in love, but it's nowhere to be found.. besides on e-bay for over the retail value..
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[08 Sep 2009|06:40pm]
I really hate ebooks that can only found at the campus library, they suck~ I lost a good day and a half with it, now I have things due right after another... AHHHH
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School.. [07 Sep 2009|11:38pm]
I hate e-books with a passion!! wrjQ34JU53QRUI9WJFD

stupid prgm coding..
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A Taste of North Austin.. [05 Sep 2009|05:41pm]
The coming saturday (a week from now) the Domain of Austin is having a Charity event, come join and support charity groups such as Austin Groups for the Elderly, ALS Association - South Texas Chapter, Minis & Friends, Inc., The Kent Cummins Magic Camp, Komen Austin, and so much more charities from 11am-5pm

come join me as we eat to our heart's content

There will always be food demonstrations and a Taste of North Austin all under on roof, with your ticket you can have a taste of 10 unique and swanky restaurant, it's amazing if you always wanted to try certain places but was too scared to know if it's good or bad.

The line up is so amazing, we have the Melting Pot, Cru, Viva Chocolalto, Madcupcakes, Steeping Room, Joe Dimaggio, Jasper's & much much more for food and drink sampling.

On top of that, we also have food demonstrations from, California Pizza Kitchen, Cru - A Wine Bar, Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Natural Epicurean, Sur La Table, && so much more :).

Once you finished your slice of North Austin, break it down with the mix of, LIVE MUSIC, MIXOLOGY SESSIONS BY KONA GRILL, CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES, && FASHIONABLE CHEFWEAR BY APRON ALLURE

I will be supporting for the Age of Austin charity

"Founded in 1986, by two visionary and dedicated leaders, Bert Kruger Smith and Willie Kocurek, Austin Groups for the Elderly is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization committed to providing resources for our growing number of local seniors, adults with disabilities and those who care for them.

Our aim is to help middle age generations prepare for their senior years and to embrace the journey without fear, and to provide seniors and caregivers with the support they need to live their most vibrant lives.

I might be also be there for the ALS charity (http://www.alsasotx.org/index.html).

Protect the community, go support charities :)

I am looking forwards to Dogtober fest (helping out shelters), and the Austin Wine Festivals (all proceeds go to the local Farmer's Market) see you there *winks.
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This Hiatus Hasn't Gotten me Down. [03 Sep 2009|12:06am]
I have not worked so hard in such a long time, it is so rewarding at the end of the day when the professor takes me to the side & tells me how well I progressed.

Everyday, I wished the day would not go by so quickly, but at the same time I just wished I could have an hour extra in the day..

I do not know how I managed to do it all, but I am so glad for all these amazing opportunities in life. Thank you for the second chance♥.

Mind on Vay-cay.. [01 Sep 2009|10:00am]

This time around I will go see you in Dec *smiles.

I wanted to go hit this beach with the girlies soon (summer)

I think this might be a summer 2010 trip *smiles.

This is my second home, it might be my new home in the next two years..

I felt like I was a part of Moulin Rouge

Work hard now, enjoy this all this year :)
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