the colors to youuur mix * (truecolormix) wrote,
the colors to youuur mix *

A Promising 2010.

I already got a new cut, and I am hiding out like mad, but since this is the special time for new beginnings, I shall try to change new things about myself, I know last year I really ran away from the world, I have been on a hiatus for almost a year. I recently discovered that I do not even know how to stay friends with people, but from now on, I will try to be closer to my phone, I will try to keep my line of communication clear. For the longest time, I was leaning on my family's shoulders, this year around, I am going to keep my head above water and move forward.

I promise 2010 has a lot in store, and I am ready for it this year, as for my other Resolutions, I will now make time around the gym, stop succumbing into consumerism at it's finest, go to a lot more charity events, and spending time on myself once again.

Cheers to a new future as we close down the doors to 2009. This is so far the most spiritual video as I progress on this road. Good luck, everyone and hope everything falls right into your hands, maybe mister right will fall into place since the lunar new year falls right on valentines day *winks.
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